In this episode, I would like to present several words connected to genealogical societies. You might also need them to search the internet to locate societies to help you with your research or find information on archive websites.


In German we have the word Genealogie for genealogy but in fact a lot of people not doing genealogy don’t know what “Genealogie” actually means. Instead Germans more often use the word Familienforschung (family research). You will also find the word Ahnenforschung (ancestor research) but with genealogy changing from simply looking at the lineage to finding out more about the siblings and the family’s social standing etc., the word Familienforschung is much more appropriate and today is used more often.

So the word for family is Familie


and for research is Forschung


and together it’s Familienforschung



The German words for a society are







If you are looking for a genealogical society in Brandenburg your search words will be Genealogie, Verein, Brandenburg and you will then find the Brandenburgische Genealogische Gesellschaft Roter Adler.


Sometimes there are historical societies as well who take care of the genealogical research in a certain area. They are often called Heimatverein.

Heimat is the German word for home or home town, home country etc.


If your ancestors came from the county of Saatzig in Pomerania which today is Poland, you should search for Verein, Heimat and Saatzig and you will find the Heimatkreis Saatzig.

I’ll spare you the grammar this once (but only this once!).