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German for Genealogists – Episode 1 – Standesamt

Today’s word is Standesamt – a very important word for German genealogists. This is how it’s pronounced:

If you’re looking for civil records, this is the place to go.

A Standesamt is the office where every birth, marriage and death that takes place in this very town is registered. It is the Civil Registration Office. Every town has its own Standesamt, some cities even have more than one. Berlin for example has twelve, one for every district.

As in Germany civil marriage is mandatory, this is also the place where marriages are performed and the family book is kept.

For those of you with a love for German grammar, please know that the gender of the word Standesamt is neuter and the plural is Standesämter which makes it das Standesamt and die Standesämter.

And now you know what a Standesamt is.

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