On the day of her confirmation, Ursula received an ancestral chart as her sister and cousins had before her. She looked at it, recognizing many of her ancestors from the stories her parents and grandparents had told her. There was her great-great-grandfather Adolph, the mayor of the city of Driesen; great-great-grandmother Auguste Concordia, who bore 14 children in 16 years, of which 13 survived; her 5x-great-grandfather Pastor Abraham, who guided King Frederick the Great on his visits to the Neumark; and great-great-grandmother Sophie who left her hometown in Switzerland to marry a German mechanic 16 years her senior.

Then there was one more person who caught her eye: great-great-great-grandfather Friedrich Stange. There were no stories about him or his family. Still, the information on him in the ancestral chart really puzzled her. According to that, he had left for America, but his son, her great-great-grandfather Carl Stange, obviously had remained in Germany. Why did Friedrich leave? What had happened? What became of him? Finally, she managed to find some letters that Friedrich’s children Albert and Marie had written from America. So, Carl had siblings who left for America as well? Why didn’t Carl follow his family? This was getting more and more mysterious.

Meanwhile, Carl’s picture was hanging on the wall. He smiled at her every time she passed by, and reminded her of the mystery that needed to be solved.

Then, one day, she started her journey into the past and into an unknown land…

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