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Link of the Week – 9/2017 – Ancestry’s German Janus-Projekt

I want to introduce the German Janus Projekt. The partners are Ancestry on one side and German archives and offices of civil records on the other side. You might have noticed the many German civil records being available at ancestry lately; all of that is a result of the collaboration between ancestry and the German archive and offices of civil records. This is what it’s all about: Ancestry digitizes certain files for free and is allowed to use the records on their site. The great advantage for their German partners it that the files get digitized (which is something that they neither have fund to do nor the manpower to take care of that) and they also get the digitized files to use in their office. So if there is a request coming in, it will be easy and fast to answer. But of course, thinking as someone who loves old books, the main advantage really is that the books can be preserved and simply won’t be used anymore.

If you want to know who the German partners and what more is to come in the next years, the website of the Janus Project will tell you more!

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