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Month: January 2017

Link of the Week – 5/2017 – Hamburg Directories

Did you know that the directories of Hamburg are available online?  

Link of the Week – 4/2017 – Emigrants from Palatine

Did you know that when emigrants left certain German areas they needed permission and their names were listed in the…

Finding Your Ancestor’s Grave (Or Not)

Are you planing a trip to Germany and want to find you ancestor’s grave? Then you should read this first!

Link of the Week – 3/2017 – German Names

Do you want to find out, where you’re surname can be found in today’s Germany? Then you might find the…

Link of the Week – 2/2017 – The Posznan Project

Do you have ancestors from the Province of Posen (now Posznan, Poland)? Did you know that the Posznan Project is…

The German Emigrant

This song was written by Heinrich Schacht around 1855 and was later called ‘Ein stolzes Schiff’ (A Proud Ship). The…

Link of the Week – 1/2017 – Historical German Maps

Have you heard about the maps of the David Rumsey Map Collection? Find the maps of your ancestor’s home town…

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